NE 65th Safety Plan Public Meeting



Fantastic news! In response to neighborhood concerns,the Seattle Dept of Transportation (SDOT) is hosting a public meeting to talk with neighbors about safety concerns along NE 65th St. The meeting is on Tuesday, February 28, 6:00 p.m. at Roosevelt High School, and is being held in partnership with the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association.

Since the last #Fix65th event, additional people have been injured on NE 65th. For example, the image below is from a crash a few weeks ago at 20th Ave NE & NE 65th that sent an 80 year old woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.


Please come to the meeting and let SDOT know how important it is to quickly make safety improvements to NE 65th.  Some rapid, near-term solutions that we’ve come up with can be seen here. What are your ideas?

One of many suggestions from the RBCA’s site




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