Who are you?
We are a coalition of neighbors and advocates who are trying to make NE 65th safer and less stressful for everyone. We include members of the following groups:

Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Ravenna-Bryant Community Association

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways


Why do you think NE 65th needs to be changed?
We live in the neighborhood and see the problems. We have trouble crossing the street, we witness near-misses every day, and we see crashes with alarming regularity. We also see the shuttered storefronts, the lack of walkability, and missed opportunities. Some of us even go out of our way to avoid using NE 65th because it feels dangerous and unpleasant.

The data confirms our suspicions about the dangers of NE 65th. Here is just the past three years of collision-related injuries and deaths on NE 65th (June 1st, 2013 to June 1st, 2016).ne65th-walk-map2


So what do you propose, then?

We would like to see the city of Seattle commit to making safety improvements, crossing improvements, and slowing down speeds on NE 65th. We expect these changes to be made as part of a public process, of which we hope you will be involved with!

See our Goals page for additional details.

Why now?

The status quo is not working. Too many people are being seriously injured and killed on NE 65th. Quite simply, #WeCantWait. With the Roosevelt light rail station opening in 2021, even more people will be using NE 65th. If we don’t focus on improving things, it will only get worse.