A safe, vibrant NE 65th St provides access to local businesses, allows safe routes to our schools, and will make NE Seattle a great place for people to live, work, travel, and play.

Unfortunately, far too many people who are traveling on NE 65th right now end up in the hospital from crashes.

NE 65th needs to be made safer.

Our Goals

  1. Raise awareness of the dangers of NE 65th with the community. Many people are unaware of just how dangerous NE 65th is right now.
  2. Get the city of Seattle to acknowledge that safety on NE 65th is a problem, and commit to fixing it. We want to see Seattle’s Dept Of Transportation begin a study and a public process for making safety improvements to NE 65th. This includes funding the study, public outreach, and proposed changes to the street.
  3. Get NE 65th fixed. We ultimately want to see a redesign of the street (from at least 5th Ave NE to 35th Ave NE) that includes safety improvements, crossing improvements, and slower vehicle speeds.

Individually our members have numerous (sometimes conflicting) ideas of how NE 65th could or should end up being designed. However, we believe that once the city has committed to fixing NE 65th, a robust public process with input from various community members will result in a safer, more humane street that works for everyone.